How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer?

Nail art has become a popular trend, and the love of fashion is an attitude to life. Contrasted with going to a nail salon, more people would rather do nail art at home. Because it is more cost-effective to do nail art at home, and it can also improve DIY creativity.

However, there are many problems with nail art that people make at home. For example, why do my nails fall off so easily? Why can't it last for more than 28 days like the nails made by the nail salon? Is it a product issue? Actually not, it's a problem with our operating steps. Now, let me share how to make the nail art last longer:

1 CLEANSE AND DISINFECTION. Spray alcohol on your hands to remove bacteria and fungi from the surface of your hands. Manicure tools should also be disinfected to prevent bacterial infection of the nails.

2 REMOVE OLD NAIL POLISH. Wash off the old nail polish with nail polish remover. If you have nail glue on your nails, soak your nails in the nail remover until they are soaked that you can gently peel them off.

3 TRIM YOUR NAILS. Use nail clippers to shorten or trim your natural nails to the length and shape you need.

4 SOFTEN NAILS AND CUTICLES. Soak your nails in a bowl of warm water mixed with cuticle oil, olive oil, or body lotion. After a 10-minute soak, dry off and apply cuticle cream or lotion.

5 CUTICLE PUSHER AND CUTICLE TRIMMER. Use the cuticle pusher to push up with your nails, and then use a cuticle trimmer to cut off the dead skin and thorns that you just pushed away to make your nails look beautiful and tidy.

6 FILE AND POLISH NAILS SURFACE. Use a nail file and nail buffer to file, polish and reshape the surface of the nail. In this way, the nail surface will be more delicate and look smooth and clear.

7 CLEAN THE NAIL SURFACE. Use alcohol to clean and polish the dust and oil on the surface of the nails, so that the surface of the nail polish will not fall off easily.

8 APPLY TOP COAT. Choose a base coat based on the texture of your nails. If your nails are soft, apply a calcium base coat. Applying the base coat can protect your natural nails and prevent them from turning yellow.

9 APPLY NAIL POLISH. Don't apply too much nail polish at a time, or it will look thick and uneven. You can apply a thin layer of 2-3 times each time. Do not apply nail polish on the nail skin and nail grooves.

10 APPLY TOP COAT. Applying the top coat can protect the nail polish longer. The top coat should not be applied too thick. Be sure to wait until the top coat is completely dry before doing anything else.


Now, you can follow the steps above to make your delicate nail art last longer!