Callus Remover Kit for Feet - 180ML/6.09OZ Foot Callus Remover Cream with Pedicure Tools

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Product Specifications:

Capacity: 180ML/5.07FL.OZ
Package Includes: 1*180ml cuticle remover cream, 1*foot rasp with coarse-grit, 1*foot rasp with fine-grit.
Used For: Foot care, remove calluses, corns, crusts, peeling feet, cuticles, dry cracked heels and more.


1. This cuticle remover kit can help you get rid of tough and thick cuticles effectively.
2. Large capacity, 180ml cuticle remover cream, for long-term use.
3. Strongly soften cuticle and dead skin with a little remover cream.
4. The formula of cuticle remover cream is gentle and non-irritating, with safe ingredients and no odor.
5. Easy to operate, getting foot care at home effortless.
6. Suitable for professional pedicure salon or home use.
7. This professional pedicure tools kit can be reused after cleaning up.

How to use:

1. Soak your feet in warm water.
2. Apply cuticle remover cream on the rough surface.
3. Use the foot file with coarse grit to gently move the file forward and back to remove the heel cuticle.
4. Use the foot file with fine-grit to gently file the soles of the feet.
5. Wash and clean away excess cuticles and apply some lotion to help your feet stay smooth and beautiful.
6. Finish.

Warm Tips:

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Avoid direct sunlight and store it in a cool place.
3. The cuticle remover kit can not be used if there is a wound.
4. Do not apply to any other areas other than hard-callused skin.?
5. If you want to speed up the softening of the cuticle, soak in warm water after applying cuticle remover.
6. Apply just a litter cuticle remover cream at a time, so a whole bottle can be used many times.
7. The coarse grit foot file is used for the heel, fine grit foot file is used for the soles of the feet.
8. Please use cuticle remover cream before using a foot file to remove dead skin, otherwise, it will damage the skin of your feet.
9. Follow the instructions for use, use different tools in different parts to avoid injury.


Q: What's the cuticle remover kit?
A: The cuticle remover kit contains a 180ml bottle of cuticle remover cream, 1pc foot rasp with coarse grit, and 1pc foot rasp with fine grit. With it, you can easily get rid of cuticles.

Q: Can this cuticle remover kit remove cuticles clean?
A: Yes, applying just a little on your rough feet surface can strongly soften cuticles and dead skin, and then use pedicure tools to clean them up.

Q: What's the difference between the two kinds of foot rasp?
A: 1*foot rasp with coarse-grit that works on the heel instantly to shave off layers of dried callus. 1*foot rasp with fine-grit that helps buff away dry skin and smooth out rough patches on the soles of the feet.

Callus Remover Kit for Feet - 180ML/6.09OZ Foot Callus Remover Cream with Pedicure Tools
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