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24pcs Press-On Nails Pink and Blue with Butterfly

Style :

Product Specifications:

24 pcs press on nails

1 bottle of nail glue

1 sheet of waterproof breathable jelly double sided adhesive tabs

1 small nail file

1 wooden stick

1 alcohol pre pad


1. Just press on & go–it’s that easy! 

2. No Dry Time Needed! Only take minutes.

3. Easily achieve a salon looking gel nail polish manicure at home.

4. If painting your nails isn't your forte, use press on nails to make the job easier.


How To Use:

1. Polish your nails with a nail file.

2. Clean the nail surface.

3. Choose the right size of press on nails and jelly glue for your nails.

6. Tear off the jelly glue.

7. Press for a few seconds,the stickiness will be better.

8. Tear off the double-sided sticker’s another protective film.

9. Just stick the tips on the nails and press it for 20-30 seconds.

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