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60g Nail Builder Nail Gel



Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 60g

Colors: Clear

Package Includes:

60g Clear builder nail gel

10ml Base Coat

10ml Top Coat

15ml Acid-Free Primer

75ml Brush Cleaner

12pcs Color Powder

12pcs Glitter Powder

12pcs Sequins Powder

100pcs Nail Forms

1 * Nail File

1 * Cuticle Pusher

1 * Dual Nail Brush and Spatula

Used For: Nail Extension



  1. The Nail Extension Gel is fast to cure for only 1-2 minute(s) under nail lamps.
  2. Easy application for a long-lasting; colorfast and no yellowing nail art design.
  3. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, odor-free, no animal testing and non-toxic.
  4. Clear builder nail gel can be used with glitter and accessories, suitable for various styles of fashionable nail art.
  5. builder nail gel for nails kit can extend and strengthen nails, suitable for weak natural nails, coverings, and can be used as glue for sticking rhinestones.
  6. Suitable for professional, nail salon, nail art school, nail art artist and personal, DIY at home, etc.



60g Nail Builder Nail Gel
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