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6pcs Nail Art Burshes Set


Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 6pcs

Package Includes: 6pcs nail art brushes

Used For: Nail extension, nail carving, adhesive diamonds, builder nail gel, UV nail gel polish, gel paint, spider gel, nail hard gel and any nail art design


  1. Professional 6pcs nail art brushes set, containing 6 different shapes of nail art brushes to meet your daily nail art designs needed.
  2. Ice-crack nail art brush handle with characteristic and elegant design.
  3. Each nail art brush is made of high-quality materials and metal firmly locks the brush body and brush tip, durable for longer use. The bristles are made with high-quality nylon, offering you a smooth application.
  4. Ergonomic brush handle, which is comfortable to hold and easy to operate.
  5. Suitable for both starters and professionals.

    Warm Tips:

    1. Store the nail art brushes in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.
    2. There will be a layer of sealing wax on the surface of the new nail art brush bristles. The first time you use it, soak it in hot water (above 176 °F) for a minute to wash off the sealing wax on the surface.
    3. After each use, clean the bristles of nail art brushes immediately with brush saver to prevent them from becoming hard and shorten the service life.
    4. Do not use acetone-related cleaning products, which will damage the brush bristles.
    5. It is normal for the new nail art brushes to lose some hair at the beginning.
    6. Contact of the outer paint of the nail art brush body with some corrosive liquids will cause the paint to fall off, which is a normal phenomenon.
    7. If the bristles forked, soak the nail art brush in hot water (above 176 °F) for 30 seconds, then take it out vertically and wait for it to air dry.


    6pcs Nail Art Burshes Set
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