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6pcs Basic Nail Gel Manicure Kit


Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 6g/pot

Package Includes:

1* 4-in-1 Builder Gels

1* Base Coat

1* Glossy Top Coat

1* Matte Top Coat

1* 2-in-1 Nail Tips Glue Gel

1* Nail Foil Glue Gel

1* Nail Art Brush

Used For: Nail Extension, Nail Reinforcement, Sticking Diamonds, 3D Nail Art Designs


  1. Saviland manicure kit includes 6pcs basic nail gels and 1 nail brush.
  2. All the nail gels are made of nature resin and professional nail materials, help you to create healthy, long-lasting and beautiful nail surface.
  3. The 4-in-1 builder nail gel can be used for nail reinforcement, nail extension, sticking diamonds and 3D nail art designs.
  4. Long-lasting base and top coat can keep the beautiful nail effect for more than 28 days.You can choose matte top coat or glossy top coat according to your personal preference.
  5. The nail tips glue can be used for sticking nail tips and can used as base coat.
  6. Easy to use. No harm to nails.
  7. Suitable for nail lovers, professionals and nail salon.

6pcs Basic Nail Gel Manicure Kit
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