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Gel Top Coat and Base Coat Kit


Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz per bottle

Package Includes:

15ml base coat nail polish

15ml no wipe gel top coat

1pc nail file

1pc wooden stick

10pcs  cleaning pad

Used For: nail art, nail manicure



  1. Saviland gel top coat and base coat kit contains 15ML base coat nail polish, 15ML gel top coat and other basic nail accessories. One set can meet your daily basic nail manicure needs.
  2. Our base and top coat nail polish are clear and transparent, and will not influence the colors and effect of colored gel nail polish.
  3. With super self-leveling, gel top coat and base coat gel polish are easy to apply, you can easily create salon-like nail art at home.
  4. The gel top coat can make your nails shinier and smoother, also, it can protect your nails from fracturing or breaking off.
  5. Our base and top coat gel polish are made of natural resin that is non-toxic, non-irritating odor, vegan and cruelty-free, which is harmless to nails.

Gel Top Coat and Base Coat Kit
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