[US ONLY]Nail Tips and 4-In-1 Nail Glue Gel Kit

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Package Includes:

1*15ml nail glue gel

1*15ml nail primer

1*15ml nail dehydrator

1*UV/LED lamp

240pcs long T-shape matte nail tips


20pcs white nail tips

20pcs natural color nail tips

1*small diamond set

1*laser butterfly sequins set

1*nail file

1*nail clipper

Used For: Nail extension, nail art design

Warm Tips:

1. Keep tightly sealed.

2. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

3. Keep the nail glue gel in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

4. Before using, buff each nail surface and use nail dehydrator and nail bond to make sure oil-free, to provide a proper adhesion foundation for nail tips.

5.?Put the brush back into the bottle immediately after use to avoid exposure to sunlight or nail lamp,?otherwise the brush may become hard, thus affecting normal use.

6.?Nail lamp needed.?Nail glue gel is different from nail glue, it needs to be cured by nail lamp, otherwise it will not dry.

7. Avoid all skin contact. If allergy or other signs of adverse reaction occur, please stop using and cleanup immediately.



  1. The nail extension kit contains 1 bottle of 15ml nail tips glue gel, 1*15ml nail primer,1*15ml nail dehydrator, 240pcs long T-shape matte nail tips, 1*mini UV/LED nail lamp, 1*small diamond set, 1*laser butterfly sequins set, 1*nail file, 1*nail clipper, 20pcs white nail tipsand 20pcs natural color nail tips, meet your multiple needs.

2.The nail glue gel use environmentally friendly plant glue, colorless, mild and non-irritating smell, no impurities, non-toxic and safe, harmless to nail skin.

  1. Clear fakenail tips are made of high-quality ABS materialswhich and harmless to your nails or skin.
  2. Nail art glue has 4-in-1 function, which can be used as base coat, nail tips gel, as slip solution and stick diamonds.
  3. The long T-shape nail tips suitable fornail extension, acrylic nails, dip powder nails and poly nail.
  4. Long lasting effect for more than 28 days if used correctly.
  5. Perfect for nail salons and DIY nail art at home.


Q: How about the gel nail glue? Is it useful?

A: It has excellent adhesion, can help you stick the nail tips perfectly on your nails.

Q: Does the nail glue gel need a nail lamp to cure?

A: Yes, please cure under the nail lamp for 60s.

Q: How do I remove the nail tips from my nails?

A: Use a nail drill machine to polish can quickly remove the nail tips.

Q: Does the nail glue gel has other usage ?

A: Yes, Saviland nail glue gel one gel has four uses, can be used as nail glue for nail tips, gel foundation base, slip solution and nail strengthen gel.

How to use?

1.?File?and clean your nails surface.

2. Choose the right size?nail tips?for your finger.

3. Apply decent?glue gel?on your nail tips.

4.?Press the nail tips until no bubbles and cure for about 5s, then release the nail tips and cure for 60s.

5. Trim your nails tips if needed.

6. Finish.


1. Cut off the overlong nails.

2. Use a nail drill to remove the nail tips.

3. File and polish the nails to smooth it out, apply cuticle oil to moisturize nails if needed.

[US ONLY]Nail Tips and 4-In-1 Nail Glue Gel Kit
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