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12 Colors Nail Watercolor Paint Set For Nail Art Design

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Product Specifications:
Brand: Saviland
Colors: 12colors
Package Includes: 12 colors nail watercolor paint set
Used For: Nail art decoration, nail art painting, nail art design
  1. The watercolor nail art set can be used to make blooming, marble, flowers painting nails effect.
  2. Saviland watercolor paint set is available for all types of nail art. It can be used with natural nails, gel nail, nail tips, acrylic nail to create brightly colored and beautiful nails.
  3. Bright and vivid colors, can easily make natural blooming effect.
  4. Apply matte topcoat will easier to paint on nails.
  5. Made with healthy ingredients, no harm to nails and body.
  6. If used properly, the watercolor set can be used at least 2000 times.
  7. Suit for professional nail salon, DIY at home.
How to use?
  1. Polish and clean the nails surface.
  2. Apply base coat and curefor 60s.
  3. Apply colored gel nail polish to enhance the color.
  4. Apply matte top coat(needed) and curefor 60s.
  5. Dip a tiny amount of water with a brush and dilute the watercolor.
  6. Use the watercolor on the frosted sealer(better adhesion) to make the style.
  7. Wait for it to dry naturally, no curing needed.
  8. Apply reinforcement gel and cure(more durable).
  9. Apply top coat and curefor 120s.
How to remove?
  1. File the nail surface.
  2. Soak the gel with removal pads for 10 min.
  3. Gently wipe off the remaining nail gel.
Warm Tips:
  1. Extracting content: This watercolor paint setneeds to be diluted with a tiny amount of water, so please not to add too much water to reduce the frequency of use.
  2. Production process: Solid color blocks are canned in three times in liquid state and dried at a constant temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius for 48 hours.
  3. Product appearance: In the drying process, due to the contraction of toner and different color density, there will be cracks, depressions and bubbles on the surface of the color block, which is a normal phenomenon. The content of toner, effect and quality of the color will not be affected. The smell of this product is the smell of pigment, belongs to the normal phenomenon.
  4. Usage: Spray a little water before use and let it stand for about 3 minutes or dilute the watercolor with 75% alcohol, after the pigment is softened, it can be used better.
  5. Storage method: Dry the pigment after use and place it at room temperature, which is more favorable for long-term preservation of the pigment.
Q: Do these need a nail lamp to cure the watercolor inks?
A: This watercolor ink is naturally dried, no need to cure under nail lamp.?You should cure your gel nail polish first if you used gel with this product.
Q: Do I have to use reinforcement gel?
A: Yes, the effect of using reinforced gel?color is better, and it can ensure that the color will not fall off.
Q: How long it can stay on my nails?
A: It is recommended to apply reinforcement gel top coat and cure, it will make your nail art design stay longer on your nails, at least 28?days.
Q: How much water should I add to this watercolor paint set to dilute?
A: Just add a tiny amount of water to dilute the watercolor paint set. Do not add too much water, or it will reduce the use time.
12 Colors Nail Watercolor Paint Set For Nail Art Design
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