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10 Colors Acrylic Powder Set Elegant Nail Powders for Office Lady



Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 10g/bottle*10 colors

Colors: Office Lady Color Combo

Package Includes: 10*jar powders, an instruction manual


1. Saviland Office lady acrylic powder is made of safe and healthy formula, supplemented with natural and botanic ingredients, which is perfect for all nail extensions, fixing nails and 3D nail designs.
2. This acrylic powder set with elegant colors is made for ladies, who pursue tender style in the office. This set is a combo colors of pure vivid colors and amazing glitters. The colors will makes you become a princess or a noble queen.
3. Saviland Acrylic powder can makes your nail designs last longer on nail surface and and the colors are solid and vibrant, which makes nail designs funny.
4. Saviland Office lady acrylic powder will not cause any discomfort to your precious nails. Compared with other acrylic powder, Saviland polymer powder is able to mix with any acrylic liquid monomer and do not harm your natural nails. Girls’ first choice!
5. Saviland acrylic is vegan free, no animal testing and 9-free.

10 Colors Acrylic Powder Set Elegant Nail Powders for Office Lady
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