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Color :
Glitter Purple
Glaring Beauty
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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 30g

Colors: Clear/Clear Pink/Pink/Glaring Beauty/Red/Glitter Purple

Package Includes: 30g clear poly nails gel

Used For: Nails extension, Nails enhancement, Nails repair


  1. To create a protective layer, please strengthen your natural nails, and promote longer and stronger nails that will not crack or peel.
  1. The nail extension gel needs a slippery solution to use it smoothly and easily. It also prevents the gel from sticking to the nail gel brush.
  1. If the nail extension gel cannot be cured correctly, please place your hands under the nail lamp and illuminate the light for 120-180s.
  1. Before making the nail style, you need to polish, clean the surface of the nail and apply a primer to enhance the stickiness of the nail, so that the gel will not fall off easily.
  1. 100% vegetarian, no cruelty, no smell.

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