48 Colors Acrylic Powder Set

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Product Specifications:
Brand: Saviland
Capacity: 10g/0.35oz per bottle
Colors: 48 colors
Package Includes: 48 colors acrylic powder set
Used For: Nail extension, nail carving, adhesive diamonds.


1. This set is a large acrylic powder set of 48 colors. The combination of glitter powder and solid color crystal powder fully meets the needs of consumers for different styles of nail art, and can choose colors for DIY nail art.
2. No need to cure under a nail lamp, save your time, and can avoid skin darkening and nail lamp damage to the skin.
3. Ideal for French nails, extended nails, carved flowers, 3D nail art design and nail decoration.
4. The gloss and durability of the acrylic powder are very good, not easy to break, fall off, and last for up to 3-4 weeks.
5. The acrylic nail powder is fine in texture, does not agglomerate, does not yellow, has a good moisturizing feeling, is easy to smooth, and has a strong adsorption force, which can create a smooth and strong-toughness surface.
4. It is suitable for all kinds of nails, whether it is the nail or the nail piece, it can be applied. The nail after use has high strength, hardness, good stability and toughness, and is not easy to break or break, creating a strong and durable nail.
5. It adopts healthy and natural formula, which is harmless to nails, but also prevents nail cracking, makes nails shiny and plays a role of protection and reinforcement.

48 Colors Acrylic Powder Set
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