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All-In-One Gel Nail Polish Kit

Style :

Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 10ml/0.35oz each bottle

Colors:10 Colors

Package Includes:

10 Colors gel nail polish

1pc matte top coat

1pc glossy top coat

1pc base coat

1pc nail file

1pc nail buffer

1pc cuticle pusher

1pc cuticle trimmer pusher remover

1pc cuticle oil pen

1pc dotting pen

1pc nail dust brush

1pc 48W nail lamp

10pcs nail polish remover pads

1pc nail separator

100pcs nail tips

1pc nail clipper

1pc nail glue

Used For: Nail art, nail design


  1. Saviland all-in-one gel nail polish kit contains 10 different charming colors, 1pc base coat, 1pc glossy top coat, 1pc matte top coat and many manicures' tools to meet your diverse needs, a variety of colors at your disposal, to create personalized nails.
  2. The gel polish not only can be a flat painting, but also can be used for nail embellishments, nail decoration.
  3. With strong fluidity, easy to apply, full of color, simple and easy to use.
  4. Suitable for various nail types and various nail pieces.
  5. The finished nail art effect depends on what kind of top coat you apply. The glossy top coat has a shiny gloss effect, and the matte top coat has a matte effect. Keep the color for a long time, good stability and toughness, not easy to peel off.
  6. The color gel nail polish is made of natural resin, low odor, non-toxic and no harm to human body.
  7. Suitable for professional nail salon or DIY at home.

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