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Gel Nail Polish Set


Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland
Capacity: 7.5ml/0.26oz
Colors:12 Colors
Package Includes: 12 colors gel nail polish
Used For: Nail art, nail design


1. Saviland gel nail polish is a selection of most iconic color, suitable for any occasion throughout the year, whether it's work or party, can match all your outfits.
2. The color gel polish not only can be applied flat, but also can be used for nail embellishment.
3. The nail gel polish is with superior-self-leveling, smooth and easy to apply, full of color, simple and easy to use.
4. Suitable for various nail types and various nail art design.
5. Needed to used with top coat. Smoother and more shiny after use of the glossy top coat and will have matte effect after using matte top coat, long time to maintain the color and luster, good stability and toughness, not easy to peel off.
6. The gel nail polish is made of natural resin, no irritating odor, vegan & non-cruelty, non-toxic and harmless to human body.
7. Suitable for professional nail salon or DIY at home.

Gel Nail Polish Set
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