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Nail Art Brushes Kit


Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland
Package Includes:
15pcs nail art brushes
5pcs acrylic nail brushes
5pcs double-ended dotting pens
10pcs 1mm nail striping tape
10pcs cleaning pads
1pc handle grip nail brush / clear acrylic nail art brush holder / nail file / nail buffer / nail polishing stripe / cuticle trimmer / cuticle nipper / nail tweezers / finger divider / 60ml empty pump bottle
Used For: nail art, nail manicure


1. Saviland nail art kit contains everything you need in the nail art process, including a variety of acrylic nail brushes, nail art brushes, basic nail accessories and nail decorations, which is the best choice for beginners and professionals.
2. Our nail art brushes kit covers the full range of nail art brushes, different brushes for different functions, helping you create delicate nail art.
3. Ergonomic nail brush handle is comfortable and convenient to hold, and easy to operate, is user-friendly.
4. The nail art tools kit does not only contain nail art brushes, but also includes nail preparation tools, helping your nails are completely clean, dry and oil-free to keep your nail art designs for a longer time.
5. There are some nail manicure tools in the nail art kit, you can easily trim to create your ideal nail shape and make perfect nails with our nail design tools.
6. Nail art stripe tapes in various colors can perfectly fit and satisfy all your nail design ideas, creating beautiful straight-line designs on your nails with ease.

Nail Art Brushes Kit
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