4 Basic Colors Builder Nail Gels Nail Kit
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Colors: 4 Colors ( Clear, White, Light Pink, Nude pink ) Package Includes: 1*15g Clear builder nail gels 1*15g White builder nail gels 1*15g Light Pink builder nail gels 1*15g Nude Pink builder nail gels 1*7ml...
$62.00 $31.00
Acrylic Nail Kit with Drill - 3 Colors Acrylic Powder and Liquid Set Nail Tools Kit Acrylic Set with Nail Drill Acrylic Nail Brushes
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 15g/0.52oz acrylic powder, 50ml/1.69 fl.oz acrylic liquid, 15ml/0.51fl.oz acid-free PH bond & top coat, size 8# 10# 12# acrylic nail brushColors: Clear, white, pink acrylic powderPackage Includes: 3* 15g/0.52oz acrylic powder, 50ml/1.69fl.oz acrylic liquid, 15ml/0.51fl.oz...
$124.00 $62.00
[US ONLY]36PCS Fall Gel Polish Nail Kit With Base & Glossy/Matte Top And Gel Liner Nail Brush
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 8ml/0.27fl.oz each bottle Colors: 30 colorsPackage Includes: 30 pcs nail gel polish, 1 pc foundation gel, 1 pc glossy top gel, 1 pc matte top gel, 3 pcs liner nail art brushes.Used For: Nail art, nail...
$159.00 $80.00
18pcs Nail Art Brushes Set
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 18pcs Package Includes: 18pcs nail art brushes Used For: Nail extension, nail carving, sticking diamonds, builder nail gel, UV gel nail polish, gel paint, spider gel, nail hard gel and any nail art design Features:...
$72.00 $36.00
1pcs 120g Crystal Clear Acrylic Powder
Specification: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 4oz/ 120g Colors: Clear Package Includes: 1 * Clear Acrylic Powder 1 * Acrylic Nail System Manual 1 * Beautiful Gift Box Used For: Acrylic Nail Extension, Nail Carving and Nail Decoration. Other Application: Mix with...
$50.00 $25.00
30g Clear Nude Pink Hard Builder Nail Gels Kit
Product Specifications: Brand: saviland Capacity: 30g/bottle Colors: clear, nude, pink Package Includes: 3 Colors 30g Builder Nail Gels£¨Clear, Pink, Nude£? 15ml Top Coat 15ml Base Coat 100pcs Nail Forms 1pcs Nail Brush 1pcs Nail File Used For: nail extension Features:...
$75.00 $38.00
Dip Powder Liquid Nail Set
Brand: SAVILAND Capacity: 0.5oz/Bottle Package Includes: 1 * Dipping Powder Base Coat 1 * Dipping Powder Activator 1 * Dipping Powder Top Coat 1 * Dipping Powder Brush Saver 1 * Nail File 1 * Wooden Cuticle Pusher 2 *...
$50.00 $25.00
10 Colors Acrylic Nail Powder Set
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 10 *10g/bottle Colors: 10 colors Package Includes: 10 Colors Acrylic Powder Used For: Nail Extension, Nail Carving and Adhesive Nail Art Decoration Stones. Features: Savilandacrylic powder set contains 10 colors acrylic powder. They can be...
$59.00 $30.00
2pcs 3.5oz Clear Nudes Hard Gel
Product Specifications: Brand: SAVILANDCapacity: 100g/3.5oz Builder Nail GelColors: NudePackage Includes: 1pc 3.5oz Clear Builder Nail Gel, 1pc 3.5oz Nude Builder Nail Gel, 100pcs nail forms, 1pc nail builder brush, 1pc mini nail file.Used For: Nail extension, nail repair and nail...
$90.00 $42.00
Nail Dehydrator and Primer Set
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 30ml/1.01fl.ozColors:ClearPackage Includes: 1*30ml nail prep dehydrator, 1*30ml non-acid PH bond, 1*wooden stick, 1*nail file.Used For: Preparing the nail plate to create a foundation in any professional artificial nail application. ? Features: 1. Nail dehydrator can help...
$62.00 $14.00
5 in 1 Builder Base Strengthening Gel
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz Colors: Clear, Nude Package Includes: 2pcs 0.5oz 5 In 1 Builder Nail Gels 100pcs Nail Form 1pcs Nail Clip Features: The nail kit contain 2pcs builder nail gel in a bottle ( clear, nude...
$50.00 $21.00
1pcs Bronze Gold Acrylic Nail Brush Size 12
Product Specifications: Brand: saviland Capacity: 1pcs Colors: bronze gold Package Includes: 1pcs acrylic nail brush size 12 Used For: nail extension/nail carving Features: Acrylic nail brush vivid color, unique style and fashionable. Decorate your brush with attractive shiny decoration. The special...
$19.00 $10.00
Nail Polish Set - 12 Colors Metal Chrome Nail Polish With Base and Top Polish Coat
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 12 colorPackage Includes: 12*nail polish, 1*base polish coat, 1*top polish coatUsed For: Nail Art DIY   Features:1. Saviland nail polish is suitable for a wide range of occasions, from everyday wear to special events like weddings...
$87.00 $44.00
Air Cushion Design - Builder Nail Gel - Clear
$59.00 from $27.00
Air Cushion Design - Builder Nail Gel - Clear
Product Specifications: Brand: SAVILANDCapacity: 30ml / 1.05fl ozColors:Clear colorPackage Includes: nail extension kit, with a manual, a bottle of nail extension gel, 100pcs nail forms, a nail brush.Used For: manicure, such as nail extension, builder base, nail fixing, nail strengthener...
$59.00 from $27.00
Size 8 Gold Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush
Description: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 1pcsPackage Includes: Kolinsky acrylic nail brushUsed For: Acrylic powder, nail extension, acrylic nails. ? ? Features: 1. Saviland acrylic nail brushes are made with 100% kolinsky hair, which possess non-deformation, non-corroding characteristics.2. Acrylic nail brush has golden...
$62.00 $31.00
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