SAVILAND Rainbow Nails in June Pride Month

SAVILAND Rainbow Nails in June Pride Month

Step into Pride Month this June with our stunning Rainbow Nail Art collection! Make a statement of love and unity while showcasing your unique flair. With an array of colors inspired by the rainbow, our collection empowers you to wear your pride boldly. Let your nails be a canvas of celebration, spreading positivity and acceptance one vibrant shade at a time. In this June, make your nails extend individuality, making every moment of interaction more vivid and interesting because of this unique brilliance.

Colorful Gel Nail Polish

Illuminate Pride Month this June with our captivating SAVILAND Rainbow Gel Nail Polish collection! From dazzling reds to soothing blues, our rainbow-inspired gel polishes offer a dazzling spectrum of colors to met your nails shine bright like a rainbow, spreading joy and acceptance with every stroke.→Explore More

Check out our YouTube short for more inspiration!→Explore More

Different colors symbolize individual differences and personalities, while the same French style shows a consistent beauty, highlighting an era of unity and tolerance, and this bold freedom & confident pride month June.

Rainbow French Nails Operation

  1. File and clean.
  2. Foundation gel.
  3. Apply gel nail polish to be base.
  4. Cure for 60s.
  5. Apply gel nail polish to the nail stamper and press to create a French edge.
  6. Apply top gel.
  7. Finish.

Rainbow Nail Art Liner Gel

Step into the spirit of Pride Month this June with our dynamic lineup featuring SAVILAND rainbow Liner Nail Art Gel! Combine diversity and self-expression with a vibrant palette inspired by the rainbow, allowing you to create stunning nail designs that reflect unity and inclusivity.→Explore More

Check out our YouTube short for more inspiration!→Explore More

Rainbow Sugar Nail Design:

  1. File and clean.
  2. Apply foundation gel.
  3. Apply gel nail polish to be base, cure for 60s.
  4. Apply different color of liner gel nail polish.
  5. Sprinkle glitter powder for decoration.
  6. No need top gel, just cure 120s.
  7. Finish.

Airbrush Gel Nail Polish

Introducing our limited edition Rainbow Airbrush Gel Nail Polish collection, specially crafted to ignite your pride and amplify your style this June.→Explore More

Nail Art Pens Set

Dive into Pride Month with our Rainbow Nail Art Pen!

This June, let your creativity soar as you express your pride with every stroke of our Rainbow Nail Art Pen.→Explore More

Rainbow Nail Polish

Let Your Pride Shine Brighter Than Ever!

This June, immerse yourself in the colors of celebration with our exclusive Pride Month Rainbow Nail Polish Collection! From bold and bright to subtle and shimmering, our collection offers something for everyone to embrace their authentic selves.→Explore More

Rainbow Nail Chrome Powder

Add a touch of glamour to your June pride month look with SAVILAND rainbow nail chrome powder and let your nails steal the spotlight this season! Get your hands on our Rainbow Nail Chrome Powder today and shine bright with pride!

Look at This Gorgeous Bubble Effect!→Explore More

Check out our YouTube short for more inspiration!→Explore More

Super Easy Creating

  1. File and clean.
  2. Apply foundation gel.
  3. Apply gel nail polish to be base, cure for 30s.
  4. Apply a layer of no wipe top gel, cure for 30s.
  5. Rub rainbow nail chrome powder you want.
  6. DIY the bubble style with sculpture gel, cure 60s.
  7. Finish.

Rainbow Dip Nails

Introducing SAVILAND Rainbow Dip Powder, with simple steps, you can create stunning dip powder nail art effects by combining it with different dip liquids. Dive into a world of vibrant colors and creativity with our rainbow-inspired dip powder collection.→Explore More

Rainbow Poly Gel Nails

Savilland Poly Gel is still your another best choice for making rainbow manicures. And its effect will be more durable and stronger. Smooth applying and easy shaping to extend or make 3D styles, allows you to welcome the beautiful Pride month in your own fashionable way.

Join us in celebrating June confident Pride Month with various nail art style. Bravely express your personality and show yourself!

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