• How To Use Builder Gel?

    Builder Nail Gel Multi-use Tutorial! Answer most of your questions!
  • Leading The Fashion With Your Art

    Many thoughts claim that manicure has been a quickly developing industry for the last two decades while we stepped into the 21st century, and in fact, the figures on the economic boards are corroborating this by showing a sharp curve of increment evaluated from the size of this industry and prospering phenomenon. But in fact, since the birth of human civilization, the pursuit of elegance, beauty, uniqueness,...
  • Manicure Trend Becomes A Common Style

    Goes away back of time, manicure art only represented females beauty, power and delicate. Gradually, manicure was injected in a lot of elements.  As time goes by, various of trends emerge and manicure styles change along. At the same time, manicure styles transform from simple conservative style to exaggerated style, however, mostly it is related to female.   Nowadays, women not only use nail...
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