What Is The Trendiest Nail Art on Mother's Day?

What Is The Trendiest Nail Art on Mother's Day?

Acrylic Nails from BRAND OF SAVILAND!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show appreciation for your remarkable mother in our lives than with a satisfactory gift?

SAVILAND recommed our acrylic nails series items, which offer the perfect blend of glamour, health, and self-care of nail art, making it an ideal present for the remarkable mother who deserves the very best.

1.Acrylic Nail Kit 

Beyond aesthetics, acrylic nails also provide a sense of happiness, confidence and empowerment, reminding mothers of their strength and resilience. With an acrylic nail kit, mothers have the opportunity to explore their artistic side and experiment with various designs, colors, and styles. →Explore More

2.Acrylic Powder

SAVILAND acrylic powder rich in Keratin, can help nourish and strengthen your mother' s natural nails, promoting growth and preventing damage or brittleness. White, pink, and clear acrylic powders offer a range of classic options for mothers, and can be mixed with other colors and each other. →Explore More

3.Monomer Acrylic Liquid 

SAVILAND Acrylic liquid is the essential liquid used with acrylic powder, make the application easier and smoother. SAVILAND acrylic monomer rich in castor oil and vitamin E offers a strengthen and nourishing formula that not only beautify nails but also make your mother's nail art stronger and brighter, and promotes it growth healthily.→Explore More

4.Acrylic Nail Brush

The acrylic nail brush is the perfect tool for your mother DIY looking to achieve flawless acrylic nail shaping at home, unleash Mom's Imagination and Creativity. SAVILAND is the first brand created exclusive attractive appearance included glow in the dark of acrylic brushes, which is far ahead of others. And with size 6/8/10/12/14, size 6,8 for nail carving, 10-14 for nail extension, French nails and other styles of acrylic nails.→Explore More

 5.Acrylica Nails Operation

Here are some detailed acrylic manicure steps for mothers to follow, making the process of designing strong and beautiful acrylic nails easier. Gorgeous acrylic manicure makes mothers always beautiful and confident, always young and happy.→Explore More


In essence, the beauty of acrylic nails for mothers lies in its ability to combine creativity, self-care, and women power in a single package. It serves as a luxurious gift that celebrates a mother's individuality and style, allowing her to express herself through beautifully crafted nail art while enjoying a rejuvenating and indulgent manicure experience at home.

No matter what style, shape, or color your mother likes for acrylic manicure, we have a variety of singles and kits for you to choose from. Regardless of which one can meet the mother's unique acrylic nail art needs and express her most exceptional inner self, showcasing her unique beauty in all aspects. Hurry up and give your mother a surprise!