Portable Electric Nail Drill
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: Portable Electric Nail DrillSpeed: 0-20,000 RPM (adjustable)Package Includes: 1pc Electric Nail Drill1pc Charging Cable7pcs Nail Drill Bitsabout 50pcs Sanding BandsUsed For: grinding, carving, cutting, polishing and removing gel nail polish, cuticles and dead skin Features: 1....
[US ONLY]Gel Nail Polish Remover - 2pcs Gel Remover
Product Specifications: Brand: saviland Capacity: 15ml/bottle Colors: as picture shows Package Includes: 2bottles 15ml gel nail polish removers, 1pcs wooden stick, 1pcs nail file Used For: gel nail polish remove Features: This is a revolutionary nail polish remover that makes...
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4-in-1 Nail Glue Gel Set
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz each bottle Colors: Clear Package Includes: 2pcs 4-in-1 nail glue gels Used For: As nail glue gel As base coat As slip solution For sticking diamonds ? Features: Saviland nail glue gel set contains...
[US ONLY]Nail Polish Remover Set
Product Specifications: Brand: SAVILANDCapacity: 15ML * 3PCSColors: clear or milky colors (as time goes by)Package Includes: (3 PCS) Saviland 15ml Nail Polish RemoverUsed For:Remover nails, including Poly nails gel, Gel nail polish, Nail Polish, Dark Nail Colors, Dip Powder Nails...
4-in-1 Nail Glue Gel for Press on Nails & Fake Nails, Base Strengthen Gel, Slip Solution
Product Specifications: Capacity: 15ml/0.52ozColors:ClearPackage Includes: 1PC 15ml/0.52oz 4-in-1 nail glue gelUsed For: As nail glue gel, as base coat, as slip solution, for sticking diamonds Warm Tips: 1. For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children.2. Keep...
Cuticle Remover Kit For Nail Care
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 60ml/2.03oz cuticle remover cream Package Includes: 60ml cuticle remover cream 1pc cuticle nipper 1pc cuticle trimmer 1pc cuticle pusher Used For: soften and remove nail cuticle Features: Saviland cuticle remover kit contains 1 bottle of...
6-IN-1Nail Glue Gel
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 8ml/0.27 fl ozColors: ClearPackage Includes: 1*nail glue gelUsed For: Nail art and nail extension for beginner Features: 1. Saviland 6-in-1nail glue gel can be used as nail glue gel, foundation gel, slip solution, self-leveling gel, strengthener...
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Solid Nail Glue Gel
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 15g/0.52ozColors: ClearPackage Includes: 15g/0.52oz solid nail glue gelUsed For: Adhsive nail tips and nails decorations. Features: 1. The solid nail glue gel is non-flowing, which is easy to apply and friendly to starters.2. With strong stickiness...
[US ONLY]Nail Tips and 4-In-1 Nail Glue Gel Kit
? Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Package Includes: 1*15ml nail glue gel 1*15ml nail primer 1*15ml nail dehydrator 1*UV/LED lamp 240pcs long T-shape matte nail tips Giveaways: 20pcs white nail tips 20pcs natural color nail tips 1*small diamond set 1*laser butterfly...
[US ONLY]Press on Nail Glue Gel Set
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 15MLColors: ClearPackage Includes: 2pcs 15ml press on nail glue gelUsed For: Extension nail, stick nail tips. Features: 1. The press on nail glue gel is non-flowing, which is easy to apply and friendly to starters.2. With...
Nail Tips and Glue Gel Kit
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandColors: 6 colorsPackage Includes: 1pc 4-in-1 nail glue gel, 240pcs nail tips, 6pcs color gel nail polish, 1pc base coat, 1pc top coat, 1pc mini nail lamp, 1pc nail file, 1pc nail buffer, 1pc U-shape nail cutter.Used...
[US ONLY]Cuticle Remover Kit with Cuticle Pusher Trimmer Nipper
Product Specifications: Brand: SAVILANDCapacity: 180ml/6.34fl ozPackage Includes: 1PC 180ml cuticle remover cream, 1pc cuticle pusher, 1pc cuticle nipper, 1pc cuticle trimmer.Used For: Cuticle remover, nail care. Features: 1. Large capacity, 180ml, for long-term use.2. Basic nail tools are enough for...
[US ONLY]Gel Nail Polish Remover Kit
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 15ml/0.51fl.oz each bottleColors:ClearPackage Includes: 2pcs gel nail polish remover, 2pcs nail separators, 1pc cuticle trimmer, 1pc cuticle pusher, 1pc triangle cuticle pusher, 3pcs nail file, 3pcs nail buffer.Used For: Remover nails, including poly nail gel, gel...
[US ONLY]Nail Art Glue Gel Kit with Light
Product Specifications: Brand: SAVILANDCapacity: 7g/0.23ozColors: White, pink, reflective.Package Includes: 2000pcs white & pink & lased Nail Art Decoration Stones with round-looking, 2pcs 7g glue gel, 1pc mini U V/LED nail lamp, 1pc tweezers. Used For: Adhesive diamonds, nail art decorations....
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