150ML Acrylic Liquid Monomer
Specification: Brand: Saviland Capacity: Acrylic Liquid Monomer: 5 oz/150ml Notice: Smell Tips: Saviland liquid monomer is an advanced EMA mixed monomer with low odor. When using liquid monomer, please open the window or in an open place. Storage: Store in...
1pcs Bronze Gold Acrylic Nail Brush Size 8/10/12
Product Specifications: Brand: saviland Capacity: 1pcs Colors: bronze gold Package Includes: 1pcs acrylic nail brush size 8/10/12 Used For: nail extension/nail carving Features: Acrylic nail brush vivid color, unique style and fashionable. Decorate your brush with attractive shiny decoration. The...
1pcs 120g Nude Acrylic Nail Powder
Specification: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 4.23oz/ 120g Colors: Nude Package Includes: 1 * Nude Acrylic Powder 1 * Acrylic Nail System Manual 1 * Beautiful Gift Box Used For: Acrylic Nail Extension, Nail Carving and Nail Decoration. Other Application: Mix with...
5-In-1 Builder Base Strengthening Gel Set - 4 Colors Builder Nail Gel Set
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 15ml/bottle Colors:Clear, White, Pink, Nude Package Includes: 4*15ml builder nail gel,100pcs nail forms and 1pcs nail art tweezers Used For: Nail Extension, Nail Repair, Nail Reinforcement, Sticking Diamonds, Nail Art Design Features: The builder nail...
Clear 5-in-1 Builder Base Strengthening Gel - 15ml
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz Colors: Clear Package Includes: 1pcs 5-In-1 Clear builder nail gel Used For: Nail extension, Nail repair, Nail reinforcement, Sticking Diamonds, Nail Art Design Features: The clear builder nail gelin a bottle is easy to...
120ML Acrylic Liquid Monomer - 4.06fl oz Non-Yellowing
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 4.06fl oz/120ml Colors: Purple Package Includes: 4.06fl oz/120ml acrylic liquid Used For: Acrylic application, acrylic nails, nails extension, nail carving.   Features: 1. Saviland acrylic fluid adopts an upgraded version of MMA-free formula, which has...
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