500pcs False Nail Tips and 4 in 1 Glue Gel Kit
Product Specifications: Brand:?Saviland Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz nail glue gel Package Includes: 1*15ml/0.5oz nail glue gel 1*portable nail lamp 500pcs/ 240pcs + 240pcs nail tips 2*nail file 1*nail clipper Used For: Nail extension, nail art design Features: The nail extension kitcontains 1...
£33.00 from £17.00
4-in-1 Nail Glue Gel Set
Product Specifications: Brand: Saviland Capacity: 15ml/0.5oz each bottle Colors: Clear Package Includes: 2pcs 4-in-1 nail glue gels Used For: As nail glue gel As base coat As slip solution For sticking diamonds ? Features: Saviland nail glue gel set contains...
£17.00 £9.00
Solid Nail Glue Gel
£10.00 £5.00
Solid Nail Glue Gel
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 15g/0.52ozColors: ClearPackage Includes: 15g/0.52oz solid nail glue gelUsed For: Adhsive nail tips and nails decorations. Features: 1. The solid nail glue gel is non-flowing, which is easy to apply and friendly to starters.2. With strong stickiness...
£10.00 £5.00
6-IN-1Nail Glue Gel
£13.00 £7.00
6-IN-1Nail Glue Gel
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 8ml/0.27 fl ozColors: ClearPackage Includes: 1*nail glue gelUsed For: Nail art and nail extension for beginner Features: 1. Saviland 6-in-1nail glue gel can be used as nail glue gel, foundation gel, slip solution, self-leveling gel, strengthener...
£13.00 £7.00
480PCS Medium Coffin - Soft Gel Nails Tips
Brand: SAVILANDCapacity: 480pcsMaterial: PMMAColors: TransparentPackage Includes: 480pcs 01medium coffin matte soft gel nails tips, 5pcs sheets of jelly nail glue stickers, 2pcs wooden sticks, 1pc short nail fileUsed For: Nail extension, nail art design
240PCS Long Coffin Full Cover False Nails Tips Kit
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandMaterial: Soft gel nails tips: PMMANail glue gel: ResinColors: TransparentPackage Includes: 1* 8ml/0.28fl.oz 6-in-1 Nail Glue Gel1* Mini Nail Lamp(36W)01-05: 240pcs 01long coffin/02medium coffin/03medium square/04medium almond/05llong stiletto soft gel nails tipsUsed For: Nail extension, nail art design,...
£36.00 £21.00
Gel Nail Glue with Nail Dehydrator and Non-acid PH Bond Nail Tools Gel Nail Kit
Product Specifications: Brand: SavilandCapacity: 3*15ml/0.51fl.ozPackage Includes: 1*15ml nail dehydrator, 1*15ml non-acid PH bond, 1*15ml nail glue gel, 10pcs cleaning pads, 1*short nail file, 2pcs wooden sticks.Used For: Preparing the nail plate to create a foundation in any professional artificial nail...
£26.00 £9.00
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