Professional Acrylic Nail Kit: Nail Kit

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About this item

  • 【Salon Quality Acrylic Nail Kit】The acrylic nail kit for salon use includes 3* 15g acrylic nail powder, 1* 120ml acrylic liquid, and 3* acrylic nail brush (8#, 10#, 14#) for creating beautiful acrylic nails. It provides 1* 10ml nail glue for secure adhesion, 1* 250ml nail remover and nail drill for easy removal of acrylics, and a nail arm rest with mat for client comfort, while the nail strengthener cream helps strengthen natural nails, ensuring convenience and efficiency in a salon setting.
  • 【High Quality & Healthy Formula】The acrylic nail kit features keratin acrylic nail powder, non-acid PH bond, and top gel, as well as EMA acrylic liquid, nail strengthener cream, and nail glue - all of which are enriched with castor oil and vitamin E. These ingredients contribute to stronger and healthier nails while providing nourishment, protection, and secure adhesion during the acrylic nail application process.
  • 【Easy & Efficient Nail Removal】The acrylic nail kit includes nail drill, nail remover, and nail art remover clips for efficient acrylic removal. The nail drill helps in shaping and filing the acrylic nails, making the removal process easier. The nail remover solution effectively breaks down the acrylic, allowing for quick and hassle-free removal, providing efficient and effective acrylic removal process, saving time and effort for both technicians and clients.
  • 【Natural Care for Healthy Nails】The acrylic nail kit includes a nail strengthener cream and cuticle oil for comprehensive nail care after acrylic nail art and removal. The nail strengthener cream strengthens weak nails, while the cuticle oil moisturizes and softens cuticles. These products promote healthier and resilient natural nails, ensuring long-lasting nail health and vitality.
  • 【For Salon Use】The acrylic nail kit is ideal for novice manicurists who are starting their journey or planning to open a salon manicure shop. It provides all the necessary tools and products needed to create beautiful acrylic nails. With this kit, aspiring salon owners can kickstart their nail art business with confidence and provide professional-quality services to their clients.