[US ONLY]3.5oz/100g Large Capacity Clear Builder Nail Gel Kit

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Capacity: 100g/3.5 OZ

Colors: Clear

Package Includes: 100pc clear builder nail gel,100pcs nail forms and a?nail brush

Used For: Nail extension


  1. This builder nail gelnail kit comes with 100pcs nail forms and an acrylic brush, and it has 100g capacity builder nail gelnail.
  2. High transparency, high glossiness. No irritating odor
  3. Using this builder nail gel, your nail is more light and real, long-lasting and not easy to crack and peel off and bend.
  4. This builder nail gelis easy to shape and increase toughness of your nails and protect your own nails
  5. After painting the nail surface floating oil: use Slip Solution or 75 degrees of alcohol for scrubbing, can effectively remove the floating oil

[US ONLY]3.5oz/100g Large Capacity Clear Builder Nail Gel Kit
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