4 Basic Colors Builder Nail Gels Nail Kit

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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland

Colors: 4 Colors ( Clear, White, Light Pink, Nude pink )

Package Includes:

1*15g Clear builder nail gels

1*15g White builder nail gels

1*15g Light Pink builder nail gels

1*15g Nude Pink builder nail gels

1*7ml Base Coat

1*7ml Top Coat

100pcs Nail Forms

1* Nail Brush

1* Nail File

Used For: Nail Extension, Sticking Diamond, French Manicure


  1. The nail builder nail gelsare made of professional nail materials, low-odor, no damage to nails and skin.
  2. The nail art design kit can provide you long-lasting nail effect for more than 28 days.
  3. Easy to apply because of high flexibility and self-leveling.
  4. Used for nail extension, sticking diamond, french manicure or 3D nail decorationon natural nails and nail tips.
  5. Strong enough to protect fragile nails.
  6. Suitable for all nail lovers, also friendly for nail beginners.

4 Basic Colors Builder Nail Gels Nail Kit
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