Size 10 Silver Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush


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Product Specifications:

Brand: Saviland
Colors: Silver
Package Includes: 1*acrylic nail brush 10
Used For: Acrylic nails, acrylic application, acrylic powder


1. Saviland acrylic nail brush set is made with kolinsky hair and good quality material, which possesses non-deformation, non-corroding characteristics.
2. Real kolinsky hair has good water absorption, easy to dip in powder, and has smooth application.
3. #10 kolinsky acrylic brush is used for acrylic application to apply acrylic powder smoothly and quickly for a beautiful natural extension manicure.
4. Acrylic nail brush body is made of silver metal material, which is fashionable, advanced and very textured.
5.Saviland acrylic nail brush has an ergonomic handle, comfortable to hold, and is easy to operate.
6. Saviland acrylic nail brush is premium quality and lightweight provides a smooth application, is convenient for you to do nail extension or nail carving, and easy to use, and easy to clean.
7. These acrylic nail art brushes can use for applying acrylic powder and nail carving.
8. Individual package with a protective case to protect the nail brush for long-term use.
9. Suitable for nail art beginners, and professional nail artists to create acrylic nail art designs.

Size 10 Silver Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brush
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